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Press Release / 27.10.2023

Fraunhofer IWS Installs Europe’s Unique Industrial 3D Printer

“SpreeTec next”: Powder Bed-Based Additive Laser Manufacturing System


Press release / 11.11.2022

Ultrasound Makes 3D Printed Parts Stronger and More Durable

Start of the project "UltraGrain"


Press release / 14.4.2022

POWDERscreen monitors streams of powder into the laser melt

Measuring system opens up new perspectives for additive manufacturing


Press release / 7.4.2022

HICLAD® enables resilient laser cladding with high-power laser

Efficient, fast and sustainable coatings for industrial components


News / 31.3.2022


Aerospike rocket engine with 6000 Newton thrust from the powder bed 3D printer


Press release / 2.11.2021

Additively manufactured copper components for linear accelerators

World first: Fraunhofer IWS for the very first time prints quadrupole components 


News / 11.8.2021

Functional conductor paths from the 3D printer

Functional structures as reliable and low-cost alternatives to manual cabling


Press release / 28.6.2021

When the hip joint comes out of the printer

Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft's German-Polish High-Performance Center brings additive manufacturing to medical technology


Press release / 22.3.2021

Additively manufactured rocket engine features an aerospike nozzle for microlaunchers


News / 17.3.2021

Innovations in hybrid manufacturing for aerospace

Development of a new demonstrator with lower starting materiel volume


News / 24.8.2020

Fraunhofer IWS and RMIT University are starting partnership in Additive Manufacturing

Stronger together – New partnership to support the Australian economy


Press release / 13.8.2020

Green laser melts pure copper

Fraunhofer IWS applies innovative laser melting system for complex copper components for the first time


Press release / 25.6.2020

Hot patterns in cold space

Fraunhofer IWS prints heaters for space flight




COAX system technology

Solutions for laser cladding and additive manufacturing



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