3rd International Symposium Additive Manufacturing

January 29–31, 2019, Dresden, Germany

Acknowledgment and review

From 29 to 31 January, ISAM 2019 offered a sophisticated and multi-faceted program which attracted 300 participants from 27 countries and addressed most diverse aspects of Additive Manufacturing.
We would like to thank all participants for their contribution to this successful event!  

About ISAM  

Additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, is becoming increasingly important for industrial applications. Fascinating engineering solutions paired with exciting economic benefits are strong drivers for R&D efforts worldwide. The Fraunhofer IWS Dresden is a proud pacemaker for industrial solutions through additive manufacturing. The International Symposium Additive Manufacturing (ISAM) brings together the world's leading experts, end-users and newcomers and offers a unique platform for scientific exchange and industrial networking in the field of Additive Manufacturing.

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Fraunhofer IWS Dresden



Additive Manufacturing Center Dresden (AMCD)


Project AGENT-3D


Additiv-Generative Fertigung - Die 3D-Revolution zur Produktherstellung im Digitalzeitalter (AGENT-3D)